Top Five Websites That Save You Money

At Zeitprice, our goal is to empower consumers and save people money. We realize that our site is just one of the sites that can do that. Below we compiled five others that we believe can save you and your family money.

5. Amazon

Why do I list the world’s biggest retailer as a website that can save you money? Well, it is true that Amazon might be a place where you spend money, but it can also be a place to save you money. If you have regular household items you buy at Target or Walmart (and of course you do) switching those household purchases to a Amazon’s subscribe and save might save you as much as 20% on those items. Add that up over a year’s worth of toilet paper and paper towel purchases and you just saved a bundle.

4. The reddit cord cutters forum.

Cord cutting is about cutting your cable cord and getting your entertainment through over the air antennae and streaming services. This forum on reddit it a source for all the latest information on how to cut your cable cord (and your cable bill) permanently. Think of how much you could save in a year if you eliminated your cable bill completely!

3. Single Income Family Blog

This blog, written by a guy supporting his family on one income, gives all of the tips and tricks that can drive down everyday costs. It is worth reading his principles. He gives quite a few ideas that could save you money right away. One them explains how to negotiate down the price you pay for Internet.

2. Retailmenot

This website can save you thousands as you buy things online or even off line. Any time you are about to make a purchase online, search retailmenot’s massive archive of coupon codes and discounts. Chances are you will find one that matches your purchase and you save big. Use it for anything from sweaters to pizza.


This is the US department of Energy’s site dedicated to increasing energy efficiency. So why does it make this list? It gives practical advice about how to increase your home’s energy efficiency. These tips save big money in the long run by decreasing your energy bills. If your electric bill is out of control in the summer or you heating bill is high in the winter, these tips put money in your pocket.

We hope these sites save you money they same way we hope that Zeitprice helped you find a great deal in your local neighborhood. If Zeitprice, has helped you, feel free to give back by contributing to our database. Tell us what you spent on local services, and we will keep putting that information out there for all to use.

Full disclosure: Some of the links on Zeitprice, including the Amazon link above, are affiliate links. While they cost you nothing, we may receive a small payment for linking to their site.