How much does an oil change cost at Jiffy Lube?

One would think that because it is a national chain offering a relatively standard service that every oil change at Jiffy Lube, no matter where you were or what car you brought in would cost about the same. We have learned that not every one pays the same price for the same service. In fact, there are huge variations on how much people pay for an oil change at Jiffy Lube. chart_1

Low: $10
High $156
Average: $36.04

The lowest price for an oil change at Jiffy Lube was $10 in Wausheka, WI. This is about as low as anyone can get without getting a freebie.

How do people get the lowest price on a Jiffy Lube oil change?
They typically get the most basic service and use a coupon. Jiffy Lube also runs promotions at certain times of the day or week when they tend to be slow. They advertise these specials on their marquee signs outside their store. To get the lowest price, go during their promotional time and use a coupon for an additional 10-15% off. You will get the lowest price available for your oil change.

The highest price for a Jiffy Lube oil change was a whopping $156 paid in Sacramento, California. You might wonder how someone could pay that much for an oil change. The truth is, that price is likely for more than a standard oil change. There are a number of up-sells the lube techs are trained to pitch. The simplest is to sell you more expensive oil. The premium oil can quickly double the price you pay for your oil change, so if you are looking to save money, skip it. Additionally, they often try to sell you windshield wiper blades and an air filter. These can often be done yourself for much less. Beyond these small up-sells, they techs might offer more serious “flushes” or services for your transmission or air conditioning system. If you have questions about how necessary these flushes are, ask your mechanic.

The best way to avoid these up-sells is to stick to getting just the oil change. If there is something else you decide you want done, make a separate appointment with your mechanic to have it done. Jiffy Lube counts on people wanting the convenience of wanting service done right then, so they make you pay a premium for that convenience.

How do you get a free oil change at Jiffy Lube? One of our contributors reported that he had to wait over an hour for one oil change, so they gave it to him for free. It is important to know this because you might have an opportunity to get a free oil change as well. You usually have to complain and ask for it to happen. Managers might have the discretion to give away free oil changes if you have been waiting long enough.

The average price for a Jiffy Lube oil change is $36.04. This average is determined through hundreds of contributions from all over the U.S. While this is average you can see from the chart that most people pay between $20 and $30. The average is positively skewed because a few people pay much more than $36 for their oil changes.