How much does an oil change cost?

Finding out how much an oil change costs is as easy as asking your neighbors. Sometimes national chains such as Walmart and Jiffy Lube vary their prices from location to location, we do our best to find the prices at your neighborhood lube shop. What’s more, a lot of oil change shops don’t want people to know what they really charge. They advertise one price, but hardly anyone gets an oil change for that price. Our database helps you cut through their advertising schemes and get down to the real prices real people pay. We know what oil changes really cost.

National average price for and oil change: $32

Not all oil changes are equal, and they certainly do not cost the same. Nationwide the average cost of an oil change is $32. Of course some people pay as much as $117, and some people pay nothing through some oil change coupon magic. One person even reported trading a six pack of beer for an oil change. There may not be such a thing a free lunch, but it seems, there is such a thing as a free oil change.

High price: $156
Low price: $0
Average $32

See how your local shop compares. If they are under $32, they are beating the national average. But who cares about the national average. You want to find the place that is cheapest in your area. Search our database to see real prices on oil changes near you. We have entries from thousands of cities and towns across the U.S. if you do not see your town in our database, please be the first to contribute.

A few tips to lower your oil change cost

First, find the place nearest you that has low prices. Second, if it is a national chain, like Jiffy Lube, search the internet for Jiffy Lube coupons. Our contributors tell us they can lower their costs by a few dollars by using coupons. Third, negotiate a price. While oil changes are often a set price, you may be able to negotiate it down a few dollars just by asking, “Is that the lowest price you can give me.” Armed with information from our database, you might mention to your local shop that someone across town has a lower price. Let them compete for your business.

At Zeitprice we want to make price information available to all for any service. We want to empower customers with information. Search your state to see who has the best price on oil changes. Simply type your zip code or state into the search box and we will show you what real customers have reported within a 500 mile radius. It’s your money. You should know whether or not you are getting a good price.

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