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Cost Cutters Haircuts

Cost Cutters is national chain of hair salons cutting both men’s and women’s hair. But just because they are a national brand does not mean they are same price everywhere. In fact, Cost Cutters prices for haircuts vary from place to place. The national average price for a haircut at Cost Cutters is $13.29 according to our most current data. The highest price paid for a men’s haircut was $15 while the lowest was an easy $8.95 (plus tax and tip, we hope). The highest price paid for a woman’s haircut was $18 while the lowest price was $7.99.

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The average price for men’s haircuts did tend to be a little lower than the average for women. A man’s haircut cost, on average, $12.76 and a woman’s $13.59. There is a huge variation, however, in the price. Imagine, some people pay $7.99 while other pay nearly twice that much. Why is there such a variation? Well, one reason is region. Some places are more expensive than others. Another reason is that hair salons don’t always compete directly on price. Even if there was a Great Clips next door, the two salons may not pay much attention to the price the other is charging. The last reason is promotions. The national chains often enter promotion periods around back-to-school time and holidays to bring in more business. They also offer promotions through coupons.

You need a haircut, and you don’t want to buy a Flowbee, so how do you find the lowest price on Cost Cutters haircut? Well, start by searching the map below. Then, check for sales and coupons. Those who got the lowest price often report catching the haircut on sale or using a coupon from online or clipped from the newspaper. Check the signage outside their storefront. They put up huge signs letting you know when they are having a sale. They sometimes even send someone out to hold a sign by the side of the road.

Are customers satisfied with their haircuts a Cost Cutters? One customer reported “Friendly service, knowledgeable about product for fine hair. Would prefer to get more direct advice on styling,” while another reported getting “Best haircut I have ever had.” Most people report that the haircut was fast. Some used words like “pleasant” or “very good” to sum up their experience. Overall, people tend to be satisfied with the haircut they receive there.

Cost Cutters also offers other hair care services beyond haircuts. They can do hair coloring in addition to cuts and washes. Some offer eyebrow waxing and specialty services such as perms. Check with your local Cost Cutters to see what services you could have done with them.

Ready to get a great deal on a haircut? Search our database of thousands of locations and find out what real people pay. The lowest price might not be at Cost Cutters at all, but at a competitor down the street.

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