How Much Does Childcare Cost?

Whether you are looking for a daycare with with after school activities for your children or a nursery for your infant, we can help you find the best price in your are. Because quality matters when it comes to childcare, we also have ratings and reviews from real parents whose children attend the daycare centers in listings. Most importantly, we know how much childcare can cost, so we help you keep your expenses low by showing you a comparison of all the prices in your area.

The kinds of childcare range from nursery schools at local churches to child development centers at large universities. At child development centers, you may even have the opportunity to have your children participate in the experiments at the university. The staff there tend to be child development students who are training to be experts in caring for children.

We know there are a lot of decisions to make about child care, and price is just one of them, but we want to arm parents with the latest information about daycare prices in their area so parents know that not all daycare providers are equal. And they certainly do not have equal prices.

So what is the average cost of childcare in the US?

The average cost of childcare is $250 per child, per 40 hour work week. This cost includes both daycare centers and in-home childcare that tend to be less expensive. The costs vary not only with what kind of care you have, but also with where you live. There is a huge range in costs state to state and region to region. Daycare tends to be more expensive in the northeast and in California and less expensive in the South and Midwest. That is why we provide you with a searchable map that shows you daycare providers in your local area. In the case of in-home daycare, we do not list their address to protect their privacy, but we do show them by zip code. Search in your area to find the the provider with the lowest prices, read the ratings and reviews, and tour the centers yourself to see what place is best for your child.

We know that the care of your child is priceless, but priceless doesn’t have to mean expensive.

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