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Some services such as haircuts, oil changes, internet service or child care do not publish their prices. At Zeitprice, we think these prices should be public and easy to find, so we created a way to make these prices searchable for every part of the United States. So we asked customers what they pay. The result is a database of thousands of entries that share prices on services in your local area. The results are placed on a map so you can see exactly where these locations are. We currently offer price information on haircuts, oil changes, internet service, and both in-home and center-based child care. Why did we choose these services? We found these services frequently did not publish their prices, leaving customers in the dark to wonder what the real cost might be. If you are an internet customer, you rarely know what your neighbor pays for the same service. You may pass a salon or barbershop and wonder how much a haircut costs, but the salon website does not tell you. Maybe you suspect that you can find a better deal on oil changes, but you do not have the time to call every shop in town. Parents wonder if they are paying too much for child care, but do not know what the local average really is. These situations led us to create Zeitprice, a price sharing site driven by customers. Other sites rely on businesses to publish their own prices. When businesses publish their own rates, they sometimes publish prices that almost no one actually pays. These businesses lure people in with a promotional price and add on services and costs until customers end up paying much more than the published price. At Zeitprice, we ask real customers what they pay for services all over the country. They tell us and we make the information public. The result is greater price transparency for consumers so they can compare prices before they buy. Many of these businesses purposefully hide their prices so consumers cannot comparison shop. We are out to make every price public and protect consumers. You can share your experiences by contributing. Tell us what you pay for your haircut, internet, oil changes, or child care. The more people contribute the better our site becomes at reflecting what people actually pay for these services. We rely on your contributions to keep the site up to date, accurate, and expansive. Our goal is to have price information for every community in North America. Our commitment is to price transparency and customer advocacy. To search, enter your zip code and click on the categories you want to search or leave them all unchecked to see all the price information we have for your area. Click search and see a map with entries from your local area.

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